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Sponsor and
Scholarship Programs

Children’s Education Scholarships

Scholarship for school children: OCCED/Nepal has provided scholarship to more than 150 students of different schools of Nepal. The students are mostly from rural area and not be able to continue their education after primary level. This program will remain continue to support poor students who could not go to school or could not continue their school due to the financial reason. To reduce student drop out number is the main objective of this program.

Sponsorship: OCCED/Nepal has started a sponsorship program for financially disadvantaged school children. The sponsorship will be provided to those children, who are talented, but going to discontinue their study due to their parent’s poor economic conditions. Currently, we support 75 students throughout the country.

Sponsoring Our Children
You are also welcome to sponsor the living expenses for the individual children of our Rudramati Marg, Hadigaun Children’s Home. This includes living expenses and educational expenses.

“Have a Nice Day” (HAND) Program
We invite you to share the joyous moments in your life with the children of OCCED/Nepal. This program is dedicated to celebrating your special moments, be it a Birthday, an anniversary or any other important day in the lives your family. Let’s celebrate together and bring smile to their faces. Come provide a helping hand by sponsoring one day’s worth of expense (Rs. 7500/ US $75) for the Children’s Home and commemorating your special moment. We look forward to welcoming you at our OCCED/Nepal children’s Home in Rudramati Marg, Hadigaun.