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Nepal is situated between the two most populous nations of the world and has its own unique social and cultural heritage. Due to its diversified geographical settings from north to south, people’s ways of living varies depending on their place of dwelling. There are many different religions, sects, casts, cults and regional factors in this country which create a great range of diversity. For much of Nepal’s history, the people coexisted without conflict and lived together in harmony. All over the world, Nepal was accepted as a country of peace. But over the last decade this atmosphere of harmonization has been greatly disrupted and the country was no longer in peace. Chaos encircled people’s life. Even, the environment has been destroyed due to deforestation. Many people—men, women and children—have been killed as a result of the conflict. Many families become homeless. People have been displaced from their homes. The countless people have suffered either directly or indirectly.
In light of these circumstances a group of young social volunteers felt compelled to do something for the betterment of society, especially for the children, environment and community. The group diagnosed, that there must be better way to restore the happiness of the people and improve the lives of the women and children who have suffered. This is the concept that gave birth to OCCED/Nepal, which stands for Organization for Community, Child and Environment Development in Nepal. This is a campaign that seeks to encompass the needs of the entire unprivileged group, under the lost phrase “for a better tomorrow”. The UN Convention on the Rights of Children is attempting to safeguard the children’s right but how far the principle and provisions of the convention are implemented in the nation is a big question mark for us all.