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Our Children


The children have performed at the Mumbai Children’s Festival of Performing Arts, held by the Ryan Foundation. There were performers from 15 countries: India, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iran, Italy, Nepal, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, and Bangladesh. Five of our children performed and served as the representatives from Nepal. They were: Anjali, Janaki, Nirmala, Raju and Arjun.

         Our  Children’s Home was  in Naxal since 2000. After devastating earth quake May 2015, we moved to Rudramati Marg, Hadigaun.  In total there are 34 children (boys 22 and girls 12), between the ages of  5 -18 in our Home. The majority of the children are around 14 or 15. We have 22 children at Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary Boarding School, 3 children at Wendy House, 3 children at Nepal Police  Higher Secondary School, Sanga and 6 children are at Orchid Garden Nepal (Montessori).  In order to help foster leadership skills we have four group leaders: Laxmi, Nirmala, Hari Ram, Santosh. Group leaders facilitate order and help care for the younger children in their group.

Children’s Day

         The children wake up at 6 am, then brush their teeth, have a breakfast of milk and biscuits, clean up their rooms and start reading. We host a short tuition class from 6:30 am -7 pm for last minute questions and revisions. At 8 am they eat again and then at 9 am go to school. After 4 pm they return home and have tiffin (another light meal). Then we host another tuition class from 4-6 pm. Here the children can ask questions about their homework and work in a studious environment. After this the children have unstructured free time until 10pm. For the toddlers class teachers and volunteers come from 10am-5pm and help the children with reading, writing and math.

??????????    The OCCED Homes are established and developed to accommodate the children in a      family environment with necessary protection and provision for their harmonious development. The homes are well managed to give better care for the children with respect to their health, education and entertainment and social responsibilities. Our children participate in Judo, cultural performances and chess tournaments. Didis (older sister) attend 24 hour to take care of the children with respect to their health, education and entertainment. Doctor is appointed for the regular health check up of the children. Adequate physical facilities are maintained for the physical and mental development of the children. Separate apartments are arranged for boys and girls. The home is managed with play room, reading room, dining room, play ground etc. A toddler class is also set for the little babies of the home.
Santosh Chaudhary, Karan Kumar Kami, Prem Rawal, Arjun Kumar Kami, Rupesh Shahi, Madhu Gharti, Panchama (Rita) Rawal, Nirmala O.Ne., Puspa Kami, Purna Bahadur Kami,  Rajesh O.Ne., Raju O.Ne., Chakra Bahadur Shahi, Soniya O.Ne., Neena O.Ne., Rabin O.Ne.,Ram Bahadur Gharti, Sony O.Ne, Laxman Bahadur Gharti, Himal O.Ne, Krishna O.Ne, Asha Maya Kami, Aash Bahadur Kami and Rajan Shahi attend Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary Boarding School. Prem Bahadur Shahi, Kismat Rawal,  and Tilak Khadga attend Nepal Police School. At Wendy House we have Laxmi O.Ne., Janaki Kumari Singh and Hari Ram Chaudhary.  Similarly, Ananta Gurung,  Neelam O.Ne., Priya O. Ne,  Shiva O.Ne., Rahul O.Ne.,  and Suraj O.Ne  are Orchid Garden Nepal in Montessori school.

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