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Clean Water Proposal
We currently have proposals for two projects which focus on providing clean drinking water:

Rayale VDC Clean Water Proposal
The first is a drinking water project for 1000 inhabitants of Rayale VDC with an approximately estimated budget of Nr. 3,000,000 is prepared and is in process of finding donor to lunch it as early as possible for the welfare of the local inhabitants.

Pokhara Clean Water Proposal
The second is a drinking water project for 1500 inhabitants of Pokhara with an approximately estimated budget of Nr. 4,000,000 is prepared and in process of finding donor to launch it as early as possible.

Previous Programs
The follow programs have already been completed.

Drinking Water Project
OCCED / Nepal in association with LDSC (Latter Day Saints Charity) and OCCED Youth club accomplished drinking water project for Shanti Niketan School and New Rising School of Rayale, Kavre District.

Likewise, a drinking water project set up at a cost of Rs. 600,000 at Kusha Devi Kavre was also completed. The completion of these projects will benefit about one thousand inhabitants in the surrounding area. Likewise, a project on awareness development on safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene was also performed at Atariya Dhangadhi of far western region of Nepal.

Classroom Construction
OCCED/Nepal in association with LDSC and OCCED Youth club, Rayale accomplished the construction of school building with six class rooms for Shanti Niketan Higher Secondary School of Rayale, Kavre District. A library and computer laboratory are also set up in the school at a cost of Rs. 1,200,000 for the better education of the school children.

Health camps
Health camps and eye camps and cataract surgery are conducted regularly free of cost by OCCED/Nepal at Bhimdhunga, Duwakot, Nalinchowk, Dharke and many other village areas of the country. Such camps are conducted toll now at Buddhabare Jhapa, Irrautar Illam, Itahari Sunsari, Nala Ghimire Gaon Kavre, Rayale Kavre, Duwakot Bhaktapur, BhimDhunga Kathmandu, Dharke Dhading amd many other place of the country.

Environment conservation
OCCED/Nepal is educating and persuading the school student members of OCCED Eco clubs for environment conservation by planting trees in the area of their surroundings. They are oriented with the message Stop deforestation, start tree plantation and encouraged them to deliver this message among the village folk. Such activities are performed till now at Mukti Chowk Birtamod, Itahari Sundari, Nijgadha Bara and many other place.

Educational materials distribution
OCCED/Nepal has till now supported many schools with educational materials like computers, reading tables, benches, books and other materials required for the students.

Rehabilitation program
OCCED/Nepal has conducted rehabilitation of the land slide victims of Rayale VDC repairing their home, toilets, irrigation system etc. The project was supported by LDSC.