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Domestic and International Adoption
OCCED/Nepal has philosophy to search parent for the destitute children. Only when the biological parent is presumed to be dead it will try to find someone to adopt, primarily from the country if not available then only from abroad. The children after being adopted OCCED/Nepal monitors them in a regular interval of time so that the child will be taken care of by the adopted parent as per their legal commitment.
International adoption is currently unauthorized. For more information please check with the Nepali Ministry of Women and Child Social Welfare (MWCSW) for the most up-to-date information.

Families for children
OCCED / Nepal has so far settled 115 destitute children in a genuine family by way of legal adoption. Among them, 5 are adopted by the Nepali family and the rest are by the families from abroad. OCCED/Nepal is very much conscious on monitoring them for not being deviate from their commitment towards child right. The children so adopted are very happy and living in a family environment.