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OCCED/Nepal 3rd Quarterly News Bulletin July –September 2015
March 24, 2016

Hello and welcome to all our Readers!

This is our third quarterly news bulletin. Our aim is to give you a glimpse of what is happening in OCCED/Nepal. Please accept my apology for being late to present this third bulletin as I was out of country.

  1. OCCED has moved to new home.
    Children, office and everything in now set in new house. oceed_homeWe were busy in painting, decorating and organizing rooms and other facilities for children such as study, kitchen, common rooms and entertainment etc. Everything is fixed now and our children are living in their dream house. Lastly we also managed our office section including rooms for staff, president and board meeting. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Ms. Monica Placzek, Ms. Dot Coupe and Ms. Anne Allen for their dedication and support doing all these things. I would like to share with you one important thing. Our office is set up. But most of the office equipments (like computer, printer, photo copy machine) are old and not working well. We need to buy new equipment and we are looking your support.
  2. Boring for water.
    boring_waterWhen we moved to this new house there was water problem. We have to buy water every alternate day.  Now we are happy to say that this problem is solved. In rainy season we collected rain water for bathrooms and cleaning and solved 50% of problem. Now we got permanent solution.We have ground water boring with filter plant and also government water supply, which was previously affected by earthquake and now working.

3. Sports and other activities.
ocedjudoOCCED children are active in sports and other activities. Some of them are national champions    in      Judo.OCCED children won 1 Gold, 3 silver and 2 Bronze in Open Cadet Junior judo Championship held in 8-9   August 2015. Rajan Shahi owned Gold medal among  30 kg weight and was also declared best player of the    tournament. Kiram Kami and Hareram chaudhari owned silver medal and Madhu Gharti and Pushpa Kami  owned Bronze medal in different weight category.



4. Volunteers.
volVolunteers come to OCCED Home to teach and learn. They help children in their study and also in different     aspect as health, cleanliness, management depending on their education and expertise and exchange cultural values of different countries they represent. We had two volunteers in this period:
Ms. Shrijana Puri from from USA and Ms. Carla Morvan from France.
They were helpful in study as well as in decoration and management of house.

      is a program we have by which you can help OCCED Home. Participating in HANDS program means supporting one day’s food expenses of      the house. Several persons have participated in this program. Choose a day which is special to you, such as birthday, wedding or memory of loved ones. Then on that day, share quality time with the children if you are able, and at the same time help OCCED. The cost is £ 75 /105 Euros/Rs.6,000 per day.Thanks to members of the Lions Club of UMANG who visited OCCED Home and supported grocery items for 15 days for OCCED children.